Gorilla Tag Wiki

A Queue is a room-based option in Gorilla Tag that determines the type of audience players will be paired with when entering a public match. This system allows players to choose different match environments based on their preferences and skill levels.



The Default Queue is the initial queue assigned to newcomers to Gorilla Tag. It serves as the entry point for new players and is the most popular Queue among the player base. This Queue is designed to offer a balanced gameplay experience, accommodating a wide range of skill levels from beginners to more experienced players. The skill range of players in the Default Queue can vary significantly, ensuring that matches are diverse and accessible to all.


The Competitive Queue is specifically designed for players seeking a more challenging and competitive environment. It is tailored for those who wish to engage with a more skilled audience and test their abilities against other serious players. The Competitive Queue is unique in that it must be manually unlocked by the player. To gain access, players are required to complete a specialized obstacle course located in the City map. Once unlocked, this Queue provides a higher level of competition and a more intense gaming experience.


The Minigames Queue caters to players who enjoy engaging in matches with custom rules and game modes. This Queue allows players to participate in various Game Modes that come with their own unique set of rules and objectives. The Minigames Queue is intended for those who prefer a more creative and varied gameplay experience. The skill range of players in this Queue can vary widely, and while it offers a more flexible playstyle, some players have criticized it for having a less focused target audience compared to other queues.